Osteopathy and Arthritis

osteopathic-treatmentInevitably as we grow older we will begin to develop ‘wear and tear’ in our joints. Here’s the science of what happens. Our joint surfaces are surrounded by a smooth lining of cartilage, which helps them to move freely. Over the years the cartilage begins to wear away allowing the joint surfaces to rub together causing pain, stiffness and arthritic changes. Hereditary factors, previous accidents and injuries, poor dietary and lifestyle habits all play their part in this degenerative process.

But there are proven ways to prevent excessive damage to the joints, relieve existing pain and slow down this debilitating process. A combination of Osteopathy, Massage Therapy, a good exercise programme, and naturopathic guidance can help reduce the discomfort and pain felt by many individuals. Osteopathy and Massage Therapy use techniques including joint mobilizations, and soft tissue work to help ease the pain and stiffness. Naturopathic advice focuses on ensuring correct dietary habits, healthy lifestyle changes and effective nutritional supplementation (including safe herbal remedies and homeopathic prescriptions). A few small but well informed changes are often all that are needed on a patient’s journey back to good health.

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